Pandan is a tropical shrub. The juice is light green in color (from chlorophyll) and subtly delicious. It’s most commonly used to make pandan cakes, but the Chowhounds have recently found a new taste sensation cropping up: pandan waffles!

You’ll find great pandan-flavored waffles at Pho Nguyen, where they’re made to order. A buck gets you a hot waffle, fresh from their waffle maker. Also good: their $3 mango shake, made without ice cream —just mango pulp and ice, blended together. It’s pretty nice, says hhc.

You can also score an excellent fresh pandan waffle at Grand Century Mall, a Vietnamese shopping mall and food court. The waffles are right by the front entrance to the mall —you can’t miss the smell.

A little bakery in the Lion Center, another Vietnamese food court, sells pandan waffles too.

Pho Nguyen [South Bay]
formerly Hai Noodle House
275 W. Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas

Grand Century Shopping Mall [South Bay]
1001 Story Rd. at McLaughlin, San Jose

Unnamed Little Vietnamese Bakery [South Bay]
1816 Tully Rd. #279, in Lion Center, San Jose

Board Links: Pandan waffle at Pho Nguyen, Milpitas (w/ pics)

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