Lavender-infused honey is simple to make and it tastes luxurious on toast or ice cream, with nuts and cheese, or drizzled over a salad.

Here are carswell’s instructions for infusing your own: Heat a mild-flavored honey (such as orange blossom) in a small saucepan. Add crushed dried lavender blossoms (quantity depends on the pungency of the blossoms, but 1 teaspoon dried flowers to 1/4 cup honey is a good rule of thumb). Infuse for half an hour or until the desired intensity of lavender flavor is reached. Strain through a fine mesh sieve.

If you like lavender-infused honey, you’ll certainly like lavender sugar. Just leave some dried lavender buds in granulated sugar. Aaron suggests using lavender sugar in creme brulee, for topping muffins (before baking), and for rimming cocktail glasses.

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