The Weekend Cookbook Challenge is a monthly event for food bloggers looking for an excuse to crack open an old cookbook and try something new. Contributors come up with a recipe that fits in with a theme, cook it, take some pictures, and report on the results.

The August theme, “Dinner and a DVD,” is a great one, but for some reason contributors didn’t veer toward food-centric films—and some of the links between the cinema and the kitchen creations are a bit of a stretch. For instance, Michelle from Je Mange la Ville paired some luscious-looking Vanilla-Coconut Shrimp (adapted from Joy of Cooking) with Lady in the Water, because, um, shrimp live in the water, too. The real joy here is the cook’s commentary on the film, which stars Paul Giamatti of Sideways:

We found that yelling out, ‘I’m not drinking any fucking merlot,’ periodically throughout the movie (especially during suspenseful moments) is much fun—and we were drinking a sauvignon blanc so it was factual as well.

For anyone who is interested in hosting a dinner-and-DVD party in which the recipe matches the film, the Gourmet feature “Reel Recipes” offers a list of good ideas—such as screening Big Night and serving timballo.

The theme for next month’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge is “Show and Tell.” Contributors are asked to pick their favorite—or their strangest—cookbook, share a few words about it, make a recipe from it, and post some pictures of the results by September 16.

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