La Bedaine is offering a classic Yule log (in various flavors including coffee and chocolate-hazelnut) for just $12 that is letter-perfect, says rworange. “Wonderful buttercream with meringue mushrooms and little surprises in the frosting … a juicy cranberry, a raisin, a nut. Absolutely perfect cake with the loveliest background of vanilla.” Any other bakery would charge $20 to $30, she notes, and even Safeway’s version costs more.

The quality of La Bedaine’s pastries is exceptional, agrees Robert Lauriston, and the prices are just crazy. “The guy is just throwing money away,” says Robert. “I expect one day soon he’ll either raise his prices or go out of business.” Individual croquembouches (two profiteroles bound by caramelized spun sugar) are just $1.50. “It was like a fantasy of biting into a cloud … soft, ethereal and heavenly,” rworange says.

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop, opened more than a month ago by friends of David Lebovitz, has lovely gingerbread cupcakes with lemon frosting that are moist and delicious, with plenty of ginger, says milklady. The buttery frosting is not too sweet, and it’s decorated with dragées and a marzipan gingerbread man. Other non-holiday offerings include lemon meringue, chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, salads and hot entrées for takeaway. The fried chicken is excellent: “crispy, well-seasoned, and juicy inside,” says chemchef, and the coffee cake cupcakes look appealing, too.

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La Bedaine [East Bay]
1585 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop [East Bay]
2944 College Avenue, Berkeley

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