How do chefs at the top of their game stay thin? Well, oftentimes they don’t: There’s a long, proud history of chunky chefs that’s unlikely to end so long as butter and bacon make food taste delicious, and chefs are entrusted with their awesome powers.

The Hungry Beast looks to six working chefs who have maintained trim physiques to figure out how those in the business can beat the fat. Nibbling, exercise, stable routines, the occasional indulgence, a ban on stress eating, and never eating while standing up represent the cream that floated to the top of the interviews. But what it seems to boil down to is this: discipline. If you’re not aware of what you’re doing and you’re a food-motivated person, you’re going to plump up. If you work on it daily and keep hitting the gym, you’ve got a fighting chance. Not breaking news, but interesting when contextualized within the “all food, all the time” world of professional cookery.

Image source: Flickr member sylvar under Creative Commons

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