Whether you serve them as cocktail nibbles or wrap them up to give as gifts, spiced nuts are a snack that people just can’t stop eating.

Many hounds love Union Square Cafe’s bar nuts recipe, with brown sugar, cayenne, and rosemary. “Union Square nuts are quite simply the best!” raves katecm. They’re terrific served warm, but good room temperature as well. cinnamon girl notes that they get crunchier once they’ve cooled.

amyzan says David Lebovitz’s candied peanuts are fantastic warm or cool, and will be “gobbled down astoundingly fast.” The recipe works well with almonds, too, she says, adding, “They’re crunchy and sweet and super easy because it’s all stove top.”

karykat loves spiced nuts with sugared bacon, and says, “People just snarf them down.” Val is a fan of sweet and spicy candied pecans, and hounds sing the praises of CHOW’s Honeyed Cashews with Kosher Salt and Roasted Rosemary Walnuts.

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