Global warming has turned colder grape-growing regions into heavy producers. Oregon, for instance, has been enjoying bumper crops of lush fruit for a decade. But don’t put your party hats on too soon, reports Salon. The climate isn’t done changing yet.

‘Sure, this is a great thing for us in the short term,’ [Oregon winemaker Harry Peterson-Nedry] says. ‘We’ve had 10 years of above-average vintages thanks to global warming. And a lot of winemakers in this region are just sitting back, fat, dumb and happy. But we’re all fools if we think we can stop this freight train. Sooner or later, it’s going to run us over.’

And while growing areas like northern Europe and the Pacific Northwest are reaping the benefits of climate change, traditional viticultural regions like California, southern France, and Australia are suffering.

The wine-growing industry may be the “canary in the coal mine” for our agricultural system, notes Ann Bauer in the piece. How global warming affects growers will help researchers model the challenges Earth’s farmers will face.

Seen it, notes An Obsession with Food’s Derrick Schneider, perhaps referring to previously published pieces in the San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere.

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