Fresh truffles make a decadent, fragrant Christmas gift for home cooks. Ordering them online is essential, because they have such a short shelf life, says DallasDude. “The whites, in some opinion, are better than the black version and are priced accordingly,” he says. The black winter truffles are cheaper, about $150 per ounce, while white truffles run about $250. “There are also the Oregon truffles that are similar, but drastically cheaper at about $15 an ounce (about $35 shipped).”

Lexma90 orders them from Urbani Truffles. “We plan ahead of time what night we’ll be using them, then I buy them the day before (via phone),” says Lexma90. “They are delivered overnight delivery via FedEx. Because yes, they have a short shelf life. And I always call ahead to make sure that Urbani thinks they’ll have the white truffles that day, because availability is dependent on what they get from Italy.”

Urbani charges about $205 per ounce for white truffles, $85 per ounce for black. “I think we plan on about 5–6 grams per person, for one dish. We’ve had enough left over to have the leftover truffles shaved onto scrambled eggs the following morning. Heaven!” says Lexma90.

Another option: Costco sells fresh truffles online, $400 for two ounces, says Cathy.

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