Big, bulging bags of nuts are an important part of the holiday season for some hounds. Where can the best be found now that Dairy Fresh Candies is a thing of the past? itaunas says that “many Italian grocers carry good quality nuts in the shell. Usually around the holidays that extends to pecans, but walnuts are more common, and pistachios are a given. They have good turnover and I have always found them fresh.”

Velda Mae points out that “Trader Joe’s prices can’t be beat” for nuts to bake with. For out-of-hand eating, several hounds praise the pistachios at Fastachi, while Sevan Bakery right across the street also has a good nut selection. jogo7375 wonders over the “epicenter of quality nuts in that little corner of Watertown.”

Fastachi [MetroWest]
598 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Sevan Bakery [MetroWest]
599 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

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