New York magazine restaurant reviewer Adam Platt adds a few choice words to the anti–Michelin Guide backlash on the magazine’s blog, Grub Street. To wit: It’s dull, “not Gallic enough,” and badly organized. Instead of the “haughty, definitive” tone of France’s classic Red Guides, the New York City edition “reads like a mishmash of received wisdom from Fodor’s.” While Platt stops short of praising the strung-together sound bites of competitor Zagat, he does sniff that

… [Michelin’s] write-ups appear to have been composed by garden gnomes with English as a second language.

In fact, while the arrival of the little red book in San Francisco caused much outrage over the book’s outdated information and factual errors (not to mention the one-star snubbing of several of the city’s top French restaurants), the reaction in NYC has been, at most, a very Gallic shrug. As Platt writes, ”… in the end, who really cares about this stuff?”

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