The Big Mac is turning 40 (I bet it wants a meat cake for its birthday party) and to give its creator, Jim Delligatti, his due, a museum honoring the sandwich will open in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, not far from Uniontown, where Delligatti served up the first Big Macs four decades ago. The Big Mac Museum features a 14-foot Big Mac, Big Mac wrappers through the ages, and wallpaper featuring the “Two all beef-patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese …” jingle.

Delligatti’s road to sloppy-sandwich success wasn’t a smooth one—it took him two years to persuade the corporation to back his Mac.

‘The first day we just used the regular bun, we didn’t have any center (bread) slice,’ Delligatti said. ‘Making it that way made it very sloppy. The next day we put the center slice in, and today it looks the same.’

Over at the Discover Insanity blog, Peter Sawyer has gathered some Big Mac trivia along with a commercial sure to induce pangs of nostalgia (but probably not burger cravings) in Gen-Xers.

I wonder if the museum will have a display dedicated to this childhood favorite.

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