Want to know how to soothe a squalling baby? The blog JapanSugoi points to a clip from Japanese TV that shows that the “gurgle” sometimes employed in wine tasting is surprisingly effective in calming fussy babies.

The report explains that this sort of soft gurgling noise mimics the sound a baby hears while in the womb. Wine gurgling registers at 7,000 Hz, while in utero ambient sounds run in the 6,000 to 8,000 Hz range.

It’s also pointed out that this method was effective with only 60 percent of the fussy babies they attempted to soothe, though this new dad reports a personal success rate of 100 percent with his infant daughter.

Of course, this method could be employed with any liquid; the wine is not required. Although, if it turns out that your baby falls into the 40 percent nonresponsive group, you might really want the wine.

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