Too soon? In the eyes of some critics, including Titanic historian Brian Ticehurst, there’s no excuse for a newly created ice cube tray that lets drinkers make a replica of the Titanic, plus four icebergs.

“How long will it be before this firm makes ice cubes of the Twin Towers to commemorate 9/11?” he asks in a Daily Mail article about the controversial party gadget.

Obviously, there are certain events that would be nothing short of revolting if rendered as kitschy ice trays. The Jonestown Massacre, for example (despite the Kool-Aid tie-in), or the Bloody Sunday killings would not be very good topics for cocktail conversation.

But the Titanic‘s sinking, while tragic, was accidental, and there’s no denying that if you’re going to render a historical event in a manner such that it cools your drink, an ice-based accident is one of the neatest fits you’re going to stumble upon.

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