Remember those students in school who couldn’t be content with simply completing the assignment—they had to outshine everyone else? Well, this month’s food-blogger event, Sugar High Fridays, has a crop of them.

The assignment is simple. Johanna, of The Passionate Cook, announced the theme, truffles, and suggested that everyone head down to their local chocolatier to sample a few before whipping up a batch of their favorite.

But a few bloggers couldn’t restrain themselves to one type of truffle. Some of them went all-out. Whether this is the result of a serious love of truffles or they were just angling for extra credit, I don’t know, but check out these über trufflers.

• Winning top honors in the category of booze-infused truffles is Ulrike of Küchenlatein, with rum truffles rolled in pistachio, Bailey’s truffles in coconut, and Cointreau truffles with cocoa.

• Lara of Cook & Eat did a truffle a day (keeps the doctor away?), coming up with lemon and dark chocolate, espresso and dark chocolate, hazelnut, espresso and milk chocolate, pumpkin and dark chocolate, and pomegranate, oolong and dark chocolate truffles.

• Getting creative with flavors is Hande of Food Vagabond. How would you like truffles flavored with Barbera d’Asti, Sauternes vinegar, apple balsamic vinegar, or Turkish smoky red pepper?

• Helen of Tartelette pulled out the chocolate molds—and all the stops—for six different kinds of truffles: dark chocolate, dark chocolate and candied ginger, pecan praline, pumpkin, dulce de leche, and coffee buttercream.

• Really trying to be teacher’s pet was Stephanie, of Dispensing Happiness, who showed up with eight different kinds of truffles: sweet smoked paprika, cashew-topped vanilla, orange, hazelnut, fleur de sel–topped tea, amaretto, pecan-topped, and mint.

• But perhaps the real extra credit should go to Christina of Vegan Vanguard, who not only created three varieties of truffles, but did it without cream. She offers vegan versions of hazelnut-macadamia truffles, peppermint truffles, and pomegranate truffles.

Back in school I would have called these bloggers insufferable showoffs. But since we’re talking chocolate, I’ll just say thank you.

Truffles, anyone? The full roundup is here.

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