The Baltic has opened after much delay, bringing high-quality German and American food to the schnitzel-starved residents of Point Richmond, reports AntarcticWidow.

Sautéed pork loin with mushroom sauce is solidly delicious comfort food, with a fantastic sauce and tender, chewy housemade spätzle. A German-style beef stew is all “beefy, stewy goodness,” ladled over even more of that spätzle. The lunch menu includes vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, burgers, and “serious sounding sandwiches,” the Widow says.

rworange says a special of pork tenderloin with red cabbage and apples was “lovely,” the thick pork slices tender and tasty, the red cabbage very good. She notes that the Baltic also has a buffalo burger that’s pretty popular.

Portions are generous even at lunch, when prices are $12 to $23. The owners are still in the process of getting a liquor license.

The Baltic [East Bay]
135 Park Place, Point Richmond

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