Shakas Hawaiian can cure that craving for bacon fried rice, says Bon Vivant. And how.

This stuff is sublime, packed with bacon, Portuguese sausage, and slivers of fish cake. The fish cake makes it cool. The bacon fat makes it awesome.

Kalua pig is great, served with steamed cabbage that might also be slightly pickled and that goes really well with the pork.

Also delish: spam musubi, teriyaki steak. Macaroni salad is a minimalist version, not runny or gooey, with a hint of grated onion. Avoid the dry, wan teriyaki chicken unless you’re repenting for something.

Shakas Hawaiian Flavors [San Gabriel Valley]
101 W. Main Street #C, Alhambra

Shakas Hawaiian Flavors [San Gabriel Valley]
2300 Garfield Avenue #D, Monterey Park

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