This month marks the birthday of culinary great Julia Child, who would have been 95 this year. The very fact that she made it into her 90s (before passing away three years ago) certainly gives one cause to believe that butter isn’t that bad for you after all.

The food-blog world is paying homage to a beloved muse and teacher, with culinary feats and butter. At Champaign Taste, Lisa is hosting the second annual Julia Child Birthday Celebration, with food bloggers from around the world cooking in honor of Child. From crêpes to clafouti to a re-creation of the first meal Julia ate in France, there’s some serious cooking going on.

But perhaps my favorite memorial to Julia is at Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, where they sponsored a Julia Child birthday competition to come up with the best use for a pound of French butter. They’ve picked the winners already, but I think the best answer (besides this one, “Four Words. Julia Child Butter Sculpture”), is this:

I’d figure out a way to surreptitiously sneak the one pound of French butter into the packaging of one pound of vegan fake butter. And I’d dream of the look of epiphany on the face of the vegan who bought it, as every cell and tissue in their body snapped and tingled with Julia’s spirit. They would stare in wonder at the package of what was once a watery soy product and wonder why it tasted uncommonly tasty that morning.

And the rest of the day, they would hear people speaking French, just catching little snippets of hearing it, on the subway, in the library, and on TV. They would think it a strangely occurring coincidence at the end of a strange feeling day but WE would all [know] who it really was, with her hand on the shoulder of the bewildered vegan just for that day.

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