As we previously reported, Amy Finley, the winner of The Next Food Network Star, is making a new series called Gourmet Next Door. Interestingly enough, she’s filming an episode right on my block—not exactly next door, but just a couple of doors down from my apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

It’s drizzling, so a large film crew is watching from under a tent while the very petite Amy, dressed in a plum-colored top (which must be her signature color), gets her hair fixed and reads from cue cards. They are shooting her in the back of a truck on the street right now, but it looks like she might be making her way into a beautiful brownstone. She’s surrounded by dudes in green sweatshirts (can’t tell if they’re bodyguards or gourmet kitchen assistants), so it doesn’t feel like a good time for an impromptu interview—but if I keep casually wandering out front to move my garbage pails around, perhaps they’ll cast me as the nosy neighbor.

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