Working for Google must be pretty sweet. You’ve got a well-paid glamour job, numerous subsidized cafeterias (even a fancy one serving only local food), and now even the company-sponsored seminar “Cooking for Burning Man 101.” As this archived video proves, two Google cooks took the time to explain the basics of feeding oneself at the Nevada desert arts festival.

The video covers things like setting up a kitchen, keeping dust at bay whilst cooking and eating, and what kinds of food to bring. No time to watch? Get the quick 411 with the related handout.

Yep, it’s darned useful information if you’re planning your first trip to Burning Man. So you might be thinking “Yay, Google.” On the other hand, you may be wondering what the heck this big corporation is up to, presenting a talk on such a wacky-ass topic. As commenter J.D. Falk asks, “[A]re googloids really so dependent on their employer that they can’t figure this stuff out for themselves?” Well, according to Burning Man enthusiast Conrad Heinrich Kilroy on his personal journal, “Burning [M]an is such an integral part of Google that they actually hire and recruit people at the desert playa. Also, Google grants a week holiday for employees to attend.”

Need more tips on desert cooking? The official Burning Man site has a decent tutorial on the subject.

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