If a goose holds a place of honor on your Christmas table each year, you may already know that they’re harder to lay hands on than a turkey. stupiddog has been doing some checking around and found some good local places that sell geese:

• Owens Poultry Farm charges $7.50 a pound for geese from 10 to 12 pounds.
• Wilson Farms has fresh geese from New York for $7 a pound; you must order in advance.
• Mayflower Poultry has frozen goose for $6 a pound.
• Dewar has fresh goose for $12.99 a pound.

stupiddog advises all hounds to stay away from non-processed geese: “I’ve killed and plucked a goose and it’s NOTHING like a chicken.” That’s because “Geese and ducks have not been bred to be de-feathered so easily. It’s a nasty job that takes me at least an hour for a duck, more for a goose.”

Owens Poultry Farm [MetroWest]
585 Central Avenue, Needham

Wilson Farms [North of Boston]
10 Pleasant Street, Lexington

Mayflower Poultry Company [Cambridge]
621 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

John Dewar & Company [MetroWest]
753 Beacon Street, Newton

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