How would you feel about paying $50 for a pound of cheddar cheese? OK, hang on a second—how would you feel about paying $50 for a pound of 15-year-old artisan-made cheddar cheese?

If you’re enthusiastic about that, you’re probably from Wisconsin and/or a cheese aficionado. Hook’s, a well-regarded artisan maker of cheese based in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is putting about 1,200 pounds of the stuff (i.e., $60,000 worth) on the market.

If you’ve never had a good 10-year (or older) cheddar, seek one out—these aged cheddars are both mellower and more complicated than their younger counterparts, which tend to have a more one-dimensional sharpness to them. The old stuff pairs well with a number of different foods and beverages. Bourbon is a surprisingly good match, as is a slice of apple pie.

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