The Wall Street Journal has published an oddly in-depth look at “BRIs,” a.k.a. “bagel-related injuries.” Yes, it turns out that there are more bagel-related injuries rolling into the ER (1,979 in 2008, says the WSJ story) than many other food-related injuries such as pumpkin (1,195) or cheese (1,236). This has prompted quite a few bagel-slicing gadgets to hit the market, such as the Bagel Guillotine, which sells 80,000 units a year and is considered “history’s most successful bagel-control device.”

Now, according to the WSJ, there are other bagel-control-device entrepreneurs looking for a slice of the pie bagel. Dennis and Michael Moss, a father-son duo out of Rochester, New York, are the inventors of the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, “a slender knife fitted inside a molded-plastic guard.” The WSJ article makes it sound like people are maiming themselves fairly regularly in the name of bagel slicing. But are these gadgets really necessary?

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