Perhaps second only to cheese in general, Wisconsinites love their Spotted Cow, a cask-conditioned farmhouse ale from New Glarus Brewing Company. It’s the kind of beer that’s accessible to the Miller Lite crowd without alienating beer geeks: quaffable but satisfying.

So when Mad River Bar & Grill, a Manhattan sports bar popular with Wisconsin exiles, starting serving Spotted Cow, it was a natural way to connect with the bar’s clientele. The only problem: Spotted Cow is only distributed in Wisconsin. New York bars can only sell beers handled by wholesale distributors, and thus: 50 cases of the beer were seized from the bar and two fines totaling $20,000 were handed down. Ouch. Gotta sell a lot of bottles to make up for that.

Image source: Flickr member Russ Neumeier under Creative Commons

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