Weetabix is a high-fiber, low-sugar British cereal that comes in the form of large, oblong-shaped biscuits. British hounds such as smartie, who grew up eating the stuff, love it. Hounds from other parts of the globe find the appeal rather mystifying.

How to eat Weetabix? Like regular cereal, in milk, of course, but the trick is to use the right amount of milk, says smartie. Too much, and the Weetabix will get soggy; too little, and the biscuits will soak up all the milk and then go hard.

Many fans of Weetabix like it hot. A warm, soggy mess of Weetabix, milk, and brown sugar can be comforting in the same way as oatmeal. Some like to add a little sugar; others like bananas, peaches, or other fruit.

Still other fans don’t add milk at all. orangewasabi likes Weetabix heavily spread with butter—and Marmite, for the full British experience.

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