Lobster-lovers must try the kreeft in de pan at Markt, urges Blumie. This is a whole lobster roasted, slit open, and served in a pan with julienned fresh vegetables and a wine-butter sauce that you’ll want to mop up with bread. At $36 this is no bargain, and the lobster weighs in on the small side at around a pound. “But it was fantastic, perhaps the best lobster dish I’ve ever had,” swears Blumie, a New Englander who knows his lobster. “Don’t order this if you’re gonna be put off by the size or the price, but otherwise I highly recommend it.”

Markt, a Belgian-style brasserie that moved to Chelsea in the spring from a roomier space in the meatpacking district, seems to be a wonderland for lobster fans (or an infamous killing field, if you’re a lobster). Also on the menu are a chilled lobster salad over chopped avocado and greens, and grilled lobster with braised greens in a cream sauce flavored with Hoegaarden witbier. Belgian standards like moules frites are on the mark and offered in several variations (including steamed in wine or Hoegaarden, or cooked in cream sauces with curry or garlic).

LeahBaila is hooked on the French toast with fruit and maple syrup, a standout on a breakfast menu that’s served from 8 to 11 daily. Naturally it also includes Belgian waffles, served with fruit, whipped cream, or just a sprinkling of sugar.

Markt [Chelsea]
676 Sixth Avenue (at W. 21st Street), Manhattan

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