To its devotees, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory’s Zen Butter is sweet enlightenment by the scoop. This newish offering is made of delicately flavored peanut butter ice cream, studded with toasted sesame seeds. “The peanut butter flavor was subtle but present. The sesame seeds were a nice textural element, and the ice cream itself was sweet and creamy,” muses GilloD. “An awesome addition to an already rockin’ lineup.”

Older favorites from that lineup include black sesame, litchi, almond cookie, mango, ginger, pumpkin pie, coconut, and taro.

Another Asian ice cream specialist, Sundaes and Cones, makes a compelling sesame flavor. “Absolutely mind-blowing,” mr_seabass raves. Even better, advises JungMann, is sesame paired with taro.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory [Chinatown]
65 Bayard Street (between Mott and Elizabeth), Manhattan

Sundaes and Cones [East Village]
95 E. 10th Street (between Third and Fourth avenues), Manhattan

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Sesame Ice Cream at Sundaes and Cones

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