In this month’s W magazine, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow is shown feeding a rat from a sippy cup. From that rat’s lips to the world! Because now there’s news that Paltrow will be cohosting a cooking show with Mario Batali.

The show will pay homage to a country where Paltrow spent many magical childhood summers. It will also give her a chance to offer America a look at Spanish cooking. The two will be going through Spain, cooking, and sampling local favorites.

Paltrow has been dogged in the past by gossip hounds obsessed with her diet, which has ranged from strictly macrobiotic to Atkins-esque to vegetarian-who-eats-fish. She still doesn’t eat pork or beef, but is willing to sample other delicacies for Batali’s show: “I eat all that [Spanish] stuff. The crazy fish things, the eels, I love it all.”

The show will be filmed this October and November, and will air on PBS. “What can we expect next?” asks TV Scoop. “Julia Roberts gutting fish with Rick Stein in Cornwall or Angelina Jolie cooking sheep brains with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? The mind boggles and the stomach turns.”

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