Anisette Brasserie is a wonderful bit of Paris in Los Angeles, says exilekiss.

The dinner menu has a particularly enticing selection of daily specials, says exilekiss. There are sweetbreads stuffed in pastry on Tuesday, and long-stewed monkfish on Friday. If the specials don’t thrill you, the daily menu is a feast of French classics like onion soup with aged Gruyère and roasted sweetbreads. Provençal fish soup with saffron pearl pasta and rouille is “a wonderful, extremely complex soup, really showcasing the essence of the fish,” says exilekiss. And the beef tartare, made with freshly chopped hanger steak, is très Parisian.

Duck confit is wonderful, but the real dinner show-stopper is what it’s served on top of, says exilekiss: potatoes Lyonnaise, a classic French dish of potatoes and onions baked into a pie. It “looks so simple and plain, but Anisette’s version is truly stellar!” says exilekiss. “While it fell short of my favorite place in Paris, it exceeded all the others that I’ve had there.”

There’s more: black cod and chorizo, beautifully tender stewed beef cheeks.

Breakfast and brunch are just as exciting. Belgian waffles are “a beautiful presentation in decadence,” says exilekiss: waffles topped with fresh bananas, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and dulce de leche, and served with sides of Nutella, maple syrup, and crème fraîche. The house-made pastries are also choice, like the amazing feuillete of scrambled eggs and white crab claw meat, stuffed inside a puff pastry. “I took a bite and literally had to shut down all my other brain activity,” says exilekiss.

“Anisette Brasserie is one of the few restaurants in L.A. offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner that excels in each of those categories,” says exilekiss.

Anisette Brasserie [Westside – Beaches]
225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica

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