“Not only are these the best tortillas and posole in the Bay Area … I’ll bet they are the best in California,” says rworange. She’s talking about Cazuelas Grill, where the posole is ungodly good. “The deep red broth was flecked with chile and herbs. There were huge tender pieces of pork with just a touch of fat. Even the fat was a gastronomic wonder, almost like delicate bone marrow.” Already seem perfect? Add crisp cabbage, stellar fresh radishes, and perfect chopped white onions, and it actually gets better.

And the tortillas? The best she’s ever had in her life, she says, in Mexico or the United States. And remember, we’re talking about rworange here—one serious Chowhound who has eaten about as many different corn tortillas as anybody. The tortillas here are thick and golden brown, and covered with beautiful grill marks. You can actually sit and watch the cook slap together the masa with her hands before she grills your tortillas, says Dagny. He likes the chiles rellenos. Carnitas is even better: perfectly cooked, with those wonderful handmade corn tortillas. There’s really great salsa, too, an assertively spicy thick red version, and a subtly spicy green tomatillo salsa.

Flan is excellent, almost as dense as cheesecake, and packed with cinnamon goodness.

Some things here are problematic, though. Birria is not particularly great. Chorizo is only average. Chicharrones tortilla soup is premade and a little soggy, with desiccated chicharrones. And the place looks like a former Burger King that’s been cheerfully personalized and Mexicanized.

Cazuelas Grill [East Bay]
2200 Hilltop Mall Road, Richmond

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