According to The Boston Globe, Rachael Ray hatred is as much on the rise as the Loud One’s exhausting career.

The Rachael Ray Sucks Community is an outwardly innocuous space on LiveJournal where hate-minded individuals can spew anti-Ray diatribes to their hearts’ content. On any given day, you can find posts such as these:

Then she made a ‘chowDAH-mac’. ‘I have to call it chowda because I’m a New England girl teeheeheeheeheeheesnort’. I guess this is some vile mixture of crab and corn cowdAHH and macaroni and cheese. She’s calling this ‘Easy Entertaining’. I’m not kidding.


I just finished watching her 30MM show today on how to cook a Thanksgiving meal in one hour. I caught just the last ten minutes as was absolutely stunned. The so-called pumpkin soup looked like vomit. The apple & brandy ‘gravy’ looked like thickened transmission fluid. The muffins were an abomination…She even dumped the transmission fluid on the ‘microwaved green beans.’ If I was a guest being served this sh*t on Turkey Day, I’d walk out.

The Globe article reveals that the founder of this big steaming pile of sneer and loathing is Michigan resident Misty Lane (someone, I think, who will never need smack her pet’s name and street name together to determine her porn name). Lane created the site three years ago when she wanted to share her Ray-centered scorn with others.

A cooking enthusiast who enjoyed picking up tips and inspiration from ‘true chefs,’ Lane complained that Ray trafficked in culinary ‘common knowledge.’ And that she kept waving her arms.

‘She just used to drive me crazy,’ Lane says, laughing.

Having written for Television Without Pity for seven hate-filled years, I’m not surprised that hate is a powerful uniting force or that this particular Rachael Ray hate site now has over 1,000 happy members.

Isn’t there some famous quote about how you can measure success by the number of your enemies?

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