Pani puri, crisp little pastry balls filled with potatoes, onions, and chickpeas, are a bit of a rarity on typical curry-laden Indian menus. They’re more of a chaat, the small snacks meant to be ordered a few at a time. But they’ve been featured lately (both as a special and on the buffet) at the Kebab Factory, making ScubaSteve curious about where else they’re available.

Chaat is best found at “the sketchy window in the back of an Indian grocery store,” says gujubond. Try Indian Food and Spices in Trolley Square in Framingham. They also have housemade jalebi (an Indian fried sweet) , “one of the best snacks I’ve had all year,” says galangatron.

Indian Food and Spices [MetroWest]
855 Worcester Road, Framingham

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