“In my opinion, Thanksgiving dinners are perfect for Chardonnay, German Riesling, and Pinot Noir,” says njfoodies. TonyO votes for Zinfandel. “I like Zin because you can drink it alone or with savory dishes like sausage stuffing,” he says. “There are many Zins under $20 that are really excellent including Neyers and the Seghesio Sonoma Zin.”

Pairing a wine with Thanksgiving desserts can be a challenge, says carswell, but a late-harvest Muscat or a tawny port is a good compromise to pair with apple pie, pumpkin pie, and even, perhaps, chocolate mousse.

Politeness likes white wines from the extreme northwest corner of Spain, especially Galicia. “One criterion for selecting a wine from that region—one that we have advocated in the past and still advocate—is to count the number of X’s on the label (looking especially at the spelling of the town of origin) and purchase the wine with the most X’s,” says Politeness. “You rarely will go wrong … however arbitrary it may sound.” On the other hand, Politeness likes wines made under the Naia label, so instead of counting specific letters, you could just go with that.

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