How are you economizing this holiday season? Sharing the financial burden of a big holiday meal with fellow cooks is the approach HillJ takes. Food shopping with friends who will “share the cost and bounty of, say, a beef tenderloin, a large produce buy, or bulk spices” makes for better holiday value for everyone. “It hurts a lot less financially to have partners in food-crime,” says HillJ.

“I make my own stock and that saves a bundle,” says miki. “For veggie broth, I just save the ends and pieces, and for chicken, I save the bones from my weekend suppers. Also, if you troll the meat aisle in the grocery stores, you can find great bones for broth, extremely cheap.”

Finally, some Chowhounds are not afraid to buck tradition in order to serve a high-quality but inexpensive meal. “We buy what is on sale and it is not always turkey!” says bermudagourmetgoddess. “Last year’s dinner was a pork roast with pan gravy, Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon and garlic, rosemary roasted potatoes, and when they come out of the oven hit them with some Parmesan cheese. For dessert we had individual pecan pies … it pleased the family and it was not over the top and we did not spend a bundle.”

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