The Best Cocoa Powder

What's the best cocoa powder to use for chocolaty holiday baked goods? mels loves the Double-Dutch Dark Cocoa made by King Arthur (the flour maker). Cakegirl always uses the Dutch-process cocoa from Penzeys. "It's very high quality and reasonably priced, especially compared to Valrhona. I order several pounds at a time from Penzeys and it works perfectly in everything. Give it a try!" she says. scuzzo likes Droste brand cocoa powder. It's a Dutch-process cocoa powder that's not too hard to find in supermarkets. It comes in a red box, and it's a lot better than Hershey's, says scuzzo.

Speaking of Hershey's Cocoa, the jury's still out. The Professor thinks there is nothing wrong with Hershey's, especially the Special Dark version that is a blend of natural and Dutched cocoas. "I've used it with great results ... and results equal to what I've made with the more expensive brands," says The Professor. cheesemaestro, on the other hand, isn't a fan. "I've made hot chocolate with both, and the beverage made with Scharffen Berger is far superior." Scharffen Berger is a natural coca powder and not a Dutch-process, adds DallasDude. "Although recently purchased by the Hershey Company, the bean-to-bar artisan goodness is still intact."

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