Hawaiian shave ice, fluffy as snow, is down to a science at Shave It in Thousand Oaks. There’s one person to take your order, another to shave and shape the ice, and a third to apply the flavored syrup of your choice.

The ice is the perfect consistency, says Diana, calling up blissful memories of Hawaiian vacation.

Basic flavors include litchi, mango, and watermelon; there are sugar-free syrups and seasonal flavors like pumpkin as well. Each additional flavor is about 50 cents more, and you can also add on cream, ice cream, or sour powder. Unfortunately, you’re still in Thousand Oaks—no sweet red beans here. There are combos with a twist, like the root beer float of vanilla ice cream with root beer shave ice.

Shave It [San Fernando Valley]
11 E. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks

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