Boing Boing, blog of all things weird, kitschy, or related to robot sex, recently posted a hilarious video from 1932. In this promotional song-and-dance for the Petaluma poultry industry, a bevy of lovely women flocks around “Chef San Francisco,” presenting him with baskets of eggs.

“My, those are wonderfully nice, big, white eggs,” the chef pronounces ponderously. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll make an omelet out of those eggs! The largest omelet the world has ever known!”

Like any good kitchen manager, Chef San Francisco then proceeds to do nothing but issue orders as the egg ladies whip up an eggy concoction and cook it in a huge frying pan. First, though, they do some calisthenics in the frying pan, perhaps to burn off calories preemptively.

The whole thing is very, er, cracked.

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