We’ve all seen those television infomercials that promise a certain product will save you from a life of kitchen drudgery—the Magic Bullet, the Ove Glove, or at least a set of Ginsu knives to cut through your tin cans. But do any of these wacky novelties really make cooking easier? Cathy, the blogger behind Not Eating Out in New York, put out a call for stories of crazy kitchen gadgets and whether or not they were worth their weight. There were no Ove Gloves in sight, but some good gizmo action was at hand.

From a “corn zipper” (to dekernel your corn, but of course) to onion-chopping goggles (a bust, those) and a dedicated aebleskiver pan (scroll down) for cooking Danish doughnut holes, there’s no shortage of odd, single-use kitchen inventions. And there are some owners who wouldn’t part with them. Find out which got the thumbs-up over at Cathy’s site.

And she’s not the only one talking about useless kitchen tools. Weigh in with your opinion—which widgets are worth the space in your kitchen? Any you’ve finally tossed out?

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