It seems like a no-brainer: You’re using a public lavatory. Suddenly, you’re hungry. How about some delicious Beijing-style crispy duck?

This quintessential Chinese experience may be in jeopardy if the fuddy-duddy “authorities” have their way, reports Reuters.

‘It is not proper to sell soft drinks or snacks right at the toilets,’ the Beijing News said, citing sources within the Beijing Municipal Administration Commission.

‘The city authorities also plan to publish a toilet guide, provide toilet information over the telephone and the Internet and erect more road signs to help toilet users.’

The crackdown appears to be Olympics-related. What’s next? The cardboard-stuffed pork buns may actually not be stuffed with cardboard, but you kind of have to wonder.

First: crushing Tibet. Next: Tiananmen Square. Now: banning canard à la bidet. When will the tyranny and oppression end?

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