Are Finnish squirrels smarter than other squirrels or do they just have better taste? There’s a report in from Helsinki of a critter they’re calling the “Kinder-squirrel.” Twice a day, said squirrel gains entrance to a grocery store and eats the chocolate Kinder Surprise eggs. The squirrel peels back the foil, eats the chocolate egg, and takes off with the toy surprise hidden inside. “[O]ther sweets do not seem to interest it as much,” the store manager told the Reuters news agency.

OK, so perhaps it’s not the smartest squirrel in the world. If it were really smart it would be going for some better-quality chocolate.

(And for those Americans who don’t know what Kinder Surprises are: They are wildly popular children’s treats sold in nearly every country in the world except the United States, where a 1938 law made them illegal; but yeah, the chocolate’s not much to write home about.)

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