Kohlrabi doesn’t get much press, but it’s a delicious relative of broccoli and cabbage (all are superhealthy cruciferous veggies), with a bulb-shaped base and hardy green leaves. All parts of kohlrabi are edible, and the bulb can be eaten either raw or cooked. It’s juicy and tender in young plants and “tastes like broccoli and jicama had a baby,” says BarmyFotheringayPhipps. Julienne the bulb and toss it into a salad or use it in a slaw (try it with tart apple and red cabbage, suggests dahliachewswell); chop and add to soup; or stir-fry with some fish sauce. Chop and stir-fry the greens, or cook them as you would similar greens, like chard or mustard greens. It’s popular in Germany, where the bulb is sliced and baked in rich gratins, says dahliachewswell.

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