A litchi is a particularly refreshing Asian fruit, well suited to summer snacking. It’s commonly served with syrup over crushed ice, but it’s been sighted as a frozen yogurt topping at Pinkberry this summer, and liu finds it to be a particularly delicious flavor of rectangular jelly cube, especially when added to unsweetened, chilled green tea, or even cold barley tea.

ipsedixit thinks that litchi jelly cubes (and other flavored jelly cubes) are great as a topping for almond tofu, sold at Chinese grocery stores like 99 Ranch. A phonetic translation in Mandarin goes something like “Shing-ren To-fu.” It’s usually packaged in a huge Styrofoam cup (think Big Gulp), and often comes with sweet syrup in a separate container as a topping. This is what some folks would call soybean pudding rather than tofu, because it’s much softer than the bean curd that’s sold in rectangular blocks. Be aware that there are two substances—almond tofu and plain tofu—packaged in this manner. Heck, try them both.

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