Tough guys love to cook. Our latest evidence of this truism comes from Christopher “The ice is going to break!” Walken.

At imcooked, the cooking-videos site where anyone can make like Giada or Alton Brown, someone has uploaded a video titled “Man Makes Chicken with Pears.” The “man” of the title is actor and “Continental” Christopher Walken.

Walken’s recipe for Chicken with Pears sounds delish, what with the caramelized pears and the juicy bird. And listening to him while he cooks is enough to give any Walken fan a thrill. Lines like “What I do is I take some of this fat and I cut that off” or “What I usually do is take that flap of skin, I fold it over, I take a toothpick, and I kind of seal that shut” evoke some of his more baroquely violent roles in films like True Romance. Still, many bloggers are wondering if that chicken could use just a soupçon more cowbell.

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