Atomica found some shortbread cookies from a company called This Little Cookie. “These shortbread cookies are nothing short of outstanding. For me, they are the Platonic ideal of the shortbread cookie.” They have the perfect balance of sweet, butter, and salt. They were so good that Atomica had to write a letter to This Little Cookie praising it for its crazy shortbread skills. “Her damn shortbread cookie has made a believer out of me.”

It turns out that This Little Cookie is a company started by one of the bakers at Tartine; she has also worked at Chez Panisse. She does special-order cakes, too.

This Little Cookie products are available at Rainbow Grocery, and probably at other places around town.

Rainbow Grocery [Mission]
1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco

Board Link: This Little Cookie’s shortbread cookie

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