Some of the most ingenious dining in the Bay Area is at Mateo Granados’s farmers’ market stand. Don’t wince at the high prices ($12 for an order of fish tacos), or be put off by the fact that this is a mere stand. The food will destroy you.

Melanie Wong had fish tacos from Mateo’s stand at the Healdsburg farmers’ market. Each taco had three strips of deep-fried rock cod, sourced from Dave, the fish guy at the market. The fish was impeccably fresh, and completely greaseless. It was topped with “basil-flecked pumpkin seed sauce [that] has to be one of the best things I’ve tasted this year” and “tender sprigs of young and gloriously fragrant basil.” In each bite, there was the taste of “lime, the crunch of the chopped greens, pungent bite of the red onions, and thin but very chewy and elastic tortillas combined with the fish, basil and delectable sauce.”

Mateo also does monthly dinners, in his punked-out modern Yucatán style. Check his catering website for more details.

Healdsburg Saturday Farmers’ Market [Sonoma County]
North and Vine streets, Healdsburg

Board Link: Dave’s Rock Cod Tacos a Mateo Granados

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