You might think that a bottle of tequila and a bag of pork rinds would be anyone’s recipe for a good time. But taking the high-low fusion to new, um, heights, The New York Times reports on a Brooklyn bistro’s latest entry into the meatini sweepstakes. At Porchetta, aspiring molecular gastronomist Jason Neroni ditches the margarita’s ho-hum salt rim for a dusting of crushed pork rinds zapped with arbol chiles. Inside the glass, a smoky añejo tequila is swirled with fresh lime and tangerine juices and a jolt of Cointreau.

Somehow, the Style-section article missed the Vegas bacon martini described on CHOW, although they did give plenty of space to a description of a homemade hot dog–infused vodka dubbed “weeniecello” by its maker, one Andrew Fenton. For those without the patience for the months-long infusing process, cocktail site Liquor Snob provides a convenient DIY bacotini recipe, with the priceless instructions to “rim the glass with bacon grease.”

Of course, you don’t have to drink your meat products to stay ahead of the curve. Just in time for holiday indulgence, Slashfood has a how-to for bacon caramel. And the star of last year’s Southern Foodways Alliance conference was the pig candy, shards of sweet-salty porky delight made from country-smoked bacon rubbed in brown sugar and roasted with pecans.

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