Here’s a story that’s been lighting up blogs for the past month: Back at the end of June, the vice president of Indonesia—a country that has some of the most draconian drug trafficking laws in the world—told reporters that it was acceptable for local chefs to use crushed marijuana leaves as a cooking spice. Specifically, he said:

It is all right to use it as a food seasoning, but it should not be fully legalized.

The comment’s context was a recent study recommending that Indonesia review its antimarijuana laws. Cannabis is a traditional cooking spice in many places, such as Indonesia’s Aceh province (where it is reportedly used “just like coriander”), Bolivia, Jamaica, and Morocco.

Pro-pot bloggers have been all over the story, some seeing in it a new argument for legalization. It’s the so-called Martha Stewart defense. So, who’s on board? Gourmands? Brewers? Salad-lovers (scroll down)?

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