British tabloid the Sun says in “Every Chef You Take, Eh Sting?” that the scarily spry Police frontman ticked off the staff at Miami Beach’s tony Casa Tua by bringing his own chef:

A source said: ‘It was amazing — Casa Tua is one of the best places in town. It has some fantastic chefs and Sting brings his own person to cook!

‘No one could believe it. Apparently, his people booked ahead and said the staff could cook for his friends but not for him.’

Don’t you love it when newspaper stories quote “a source”?

Internet reaction to this story has been predictably mocking, labeling Sting everything from a “prize twit” to a “Tantric Asshat.”

Personally, I think this story has a whiff of hoaxiness. It’s not as if celebrities aren’t known to act like assholes, but it sounds fishy to me.

In related news, Sting and wife Trudie Styler were ordered by British authorities this week to pay a former chef roughly $50,000 for firing her after she became pregnant. Jane Martin claims that she was commanded to work 14-hour days, and that Mr. and Mrs. Sting were enraged that she was sick during the pregnancy. According to Martin, Styler also sometimes forced her to come to work just to make pasta or soup. The nerve! That a personal chef be commanded to cook for her clients … well, I never.

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