Crab stew three ways is the thing to get for crab-lovers at Ondal 2, says ipsedixit.

It’s worth braving a seedy part of town for number two on the menu, which comes out as:

1. Crab stew, straight up.
2. Noodles with crab stew.
3. Rice cooked in crab stew.

The crab stew is frighteningly red, but it looks spicier than it actually is. There are large chunks of crab, and sea squirts—which are kind of like sea cucumbers, but slimier.

The noodles are a lot like the hand-cut beauties at the late Heavy Noodling; they’re basically just clumps of dough ripped apart by hand. They’re great for soaking up the crab soup in all its glory. So is the rice, but at this point in the meal your stomach may be yelling, “Uncle!” Those bibs they give you really come in handy.

Ondal 2 [Mid-City]
4566 W. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles

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