Oh, those scamps at the Guardian! Upon getting the news that Harrods will be carrying a Fissler-brand saucepan worth £100,000, they decide that they simply must cook with it.

What could conceivably cause a saucepan to be worth £100,000 (more than $200,000)? Well, first of all, the pan is stainless steel and aluminum … and encrusted with close to two pounds of gold. Now how much would you pay? What if I told you it also was larded wth more than 200 diamonds?

No one could resist giving that kind of hardware a test drive. So the Guardian invited Fergus Henderson (of The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating) round in the hopes that he would break in the spendy cookware with a nice panful of offal.

Sadly, Harrods, not having gotten to its position of being London’s premier upscale department store by being foolish, has sent the pot with a couple of minders, who offer that the pan probably shouldn’t be used on a gas stove. Or in a terribly hot oven. Or with any utensil that might scratch it. Apparently, the kind of people who can afford a pan like this aren’t the cooking type.

The lady from Harrods is telling me the pan is part of the store’s forthcoming ‘Timeless Luxury’ range, which will also include Liz Hurley’s safety pin dress and an ingenious spoon-cum-clothespeg by celebrated experimental chef Ferran Adrià that allows diners to eat one thing to the smell of another.

Who buys these expensive things?

‘People with lots of income,’ she says.

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