A liquid gold rush is on in Macedonia, and the miners aren’t prospecting for Texas Tea; they’re digging for cases of Cognac brought over by French soldiers during World War I. Several cases have already been recovered, reports the BBC. Apparently the stuff is valuable (up to 5,000 euros a bottle), if you believe a local wine expert. And it’s also apparently delicious.

Stefan Kovacevski, 64, is one of the locals who has tasted the find.

He told the Associated Press news agency: ‘At first we were afraid to taste the dark, thick liquid. But this must be what people mean by the nectar of the gods.’

His account is bolstered by other locals quoted in a similar story in the Independent:

Najdo Koleskovski, aged 56, said that he and three friends dug up the first 15 bottles to be found, in the nearby village of Gruniste. They drank the lot. ‘It was the best drink I ever had in my life,’ he said.

Of course, these canny villagers may just be doing their part to drive up the price. Only a lucky dig or a fat stack of cash can prove them right or wrong.

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